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IFM-Solutions offers consulting services designed to optimize production
and reservoir recovery factor for oil, gas and condensate fields.
We are a highly trained and motivated group of engineers ready to assist
you and your team.


Our company uses Petroleum Experts™ IPM suite for all the projects.
They are the best tools in its class available in the market.

The concept is to integrate in a single model the complete production process as fluid flows from the reservoir through the wells, surface facilities until it reaches the delivery point. Every element in the system has an impact on the ultimate recovery factor, as they are linked and one depends on the other.

Thermodynamic package used to characterize fluids in the reservoir with an Equation of State, as well as accounting for hydrates and wax.


Specialized numerical - and compositional - simulator that can evaluate EOR projects such as steam injection, polymer/gel injection. Also, models near-wellbore effects such as thermally induced fractures, plugging of water injector wells, etc.


Surface network modeling tool that integrates the reservoir, wells and surface facilities, with forecasting capabilities.


Material balance is one of the basic tools that every reservoir engineer applies to evaluate hydrocarbons initially in situ and evaluate the drive mechanism of the reservoir..


Well and pipeline modelling tool that follows nodal analysis principle. Used to optimize, predict the performance of wells, design artificial lift systems, etc.p>


Takes the integration concept one step further, connecting GAP to REVEAL, Eclipse, Eclipse 300, Imex, Gem, Chears , Hysys, Unisim, with possibilities to design customized workflows specifically designed for each field.

Note: for more details on these products please visit the Petroleum Experts web site (http://www.petex.com/products).



Sahara is a reservoir visualization, analysis and management software. It was conceived to manage the high volume of information required to comprehend the physical behavior that drives a reservoir in an integrated way.

Note: for more details on this product please visit Interfaces (http://interfaces.com.ar) web site.


These are some of the companies that choose our services:

Apache Corporation
BHP Billiton
Conoco Phillips

Geopark OXY
Repsol Shell

Pan American Energy

"El personal de IFM Solutions posee conocimientos sólidos, tanto en el software como en conceptos teóricos. Su disponibilidad para atender consultas y requerimientos, es total, así como también su amabilidad.
Los tutorials son excelentes, muy claros, posibilitan un entrenamiento in house y son un verdadero soporte online a la hora de realizar algunas actividades.


Dante C., YPF - Buenos Aires