With several projects delivered around the world, this is our specialty.

A consultancy project is divided into two stages:


Construction and calibration of integrated models. Data is gathered and processed, and all measurements are quality checked. All models are calibrated accordingly, identifying any performance issues in the system (problem wells, pipeline issues, etc). Also, the complimentary calculations, opportunities found and predictions made using the models are reflected in a report.


Training the asset engineers in the use of the models. In this stage, know-how is transferred with effective communication and a tailored training course is developed to instruct the engineers on how to make profit of the integrated asset model.


The typical deliverables of a consultancy project are:


Different courses are available and even tailored to specific needs of the client.

IPM (Integrated Production Modelling) Training

In-house IPM training aims to deliver the necessary knowledge for the engineer to develop integrated asset models that include GAP, PROSPER and MBAL. No previous IPM knowledge is needed.

There are two standard IPM courses available:
  • Oil focus IPM course, with 70% oil exercises and 30% gas exercises. See full agenda and list of exercises here>.
  • Gas focus IPM course, with 70% gas exercises and 30% oil exercises. See full agenda and list of exercises here>.

Extension: 40 hours (5 days)

PROSPER (Production System Performance) training

This is an in-house training entirely focused on PROSPER models. More advanced modelling examples and concepts are addressed in this training course, including more artificial lift examples, flow assurance, & temperature modelling.

Extension: 32 hours (4 days).

Other non-standard training courses

Interested for a focused RESOLVE/REVEAL course? Or PVTP? Non - standard courses or extended courses are also offered. Contact us for any request.


Our workshops can be considered as advanced training courses.

In the workshops, the models being used are the specific models the client will be using in its day to day tasks. Thus, the client gains hands-on experience on the actual models he or she will be using.

Through this approach, the user will learn how to use the models for production forecasting, optimization, de-bottlenecking with the valuable experience and guidance of our trained engineers.


Our trained engineers can assist you providing technical support regarding the following aspects:

  • Optimizing and reducing calculation times of existing models.
  • Update models using most recent data.
  • Quality Checking models.

Reserves certification fo Republica Argentina’s Energy Department, following the SEE 324/2006 resolution and international standars SPE-WPC-AAPG.


E-learning platform with material to learn or review procedures and tasks on how to construct, calibrate and use IPM models.

  • Step by step video/audio tutorials.
  • Search engine that can help you find specific tutorials from the whole database.
  • Tutorials divided into categories for ease of navigation.
  • Useful for the beginner user to learn the basics.
  • Wide range of tutorials that suites the advance user as well as beginners.
  • Help mentors in oil companies to achieve their objectives to design workflows and save time in the details.

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